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Terms And Conditions For Sellers/Merchants

1.1 This ‘Contract’ shall be effective on the date of signing the contract and shall continue in full force and effect for a period of one (1) year period and shall automatically be extended every year for all its branches and its brands. The contract may be terminated by either party any time with written notice period of one month.

1.2 The second party agrees to allow first party to list the Licensee on Licensor’s app and on/or other first party’s strategic partner’s app/website and use second party’s logo, menu, food images and any related content for promoting second party on the Aswaqena Marketplace platform, on first party’s strategic partner’s app/website. The content, images, logo and menu may be published on internet, social media platforms and on its partner website/app to receive online orders.

1.3 The second party can receive orders through its login account that can be accessed on any internet browser. The second party will be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of this account. Additional charges may be applied to second party for any hardware requirement.

1.4 The second party agrees to allow first party to use its logo, name, product images or any related content for advertising and marketing activities.

1.5 The second party agrees to be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of its login access and agrees not to share any relevant data binding the contract including order details, invoices, order report, customer data and any other details relevant to first party’s service with any third parties.

1.6 The second party agrees not to approach first party’s customer directly without first party’s authorization for any kind of promotion or marketing activities.

1.7 The first party will be responsible for delivering the order items that are transacted on the platform.

1.8 The second party agrees not to deliver any product to customer that is spoiled or expired.

1.9 The second party agrees to be responsible for any complaints made by the customer for any health issues or damage caused due to the use of any items delivered by the Licensee.

1.10 All terms, conditions, warranties, undertakings or representations of any kind in relation to this agreement is fully permitted by law of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and courts.

1.11 The second party agrees to pay the commission fee of the order, if customer cancels any order due to delivery issues like unable to deliver within the promised time, missing of the order items, wrong order or for any reasonable customer complaints.

1.12 The second party acknowledges that does not acquire any rights in connection with first party other than those specified in this agreement. First party’s website, mobile app and any data remains the property of the first party.

1.13 Any amendment or variation to the items listed like price changes, description, opening and closing timings should be informed by first party within 48 hours in advance. In case of any price changes, second party agrees to accept the order from first party and shall send the order to customer with same price mentioned on first party’s portal/app.

1.14 Tax Invoice will be sent every two weeks and first party will transfer the online paid orders deducting its commission fee and gateway charges on bi-weekly basis.

1.15 The commission fee paid by second party under this agreement is exclusive of any taxes or VAT.Licensor will transfer the online paid orders deducting its commission fee, online gateway fees (specify agreed %), bank transfer fee and VAT on every invoice sent to second party.

1.16 The second party agrees to provide the below commission for all branches/brands of first party as mentioned in the table below.