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Technical solutions

A set of Screens and Device Lens Cleaning Tools

An effective toolkit for cleaning computer screens, electronic devices and camera lenses.
42.00 SAR
Technical solutions

Charger Stand Holder for Apple Watch

41.00 SAR
Technical solutions

Headphones and Electronics Cleaning Tool

A multi-use tool for cleaning headphones and electronic devices, suitable for solving charging failure problems when dust and dirt accumulate inside the openings of the charging ports and other electronic devices.
22.00 SAR
Home & Furniture

Rechargeable Cordless Blender and Chopper (3 in 1)

79.00 SAR
Car accessories

Rechargeable Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

70W Portable Foldable Mini Vacuum Cleaner, 2000 mAh Battery, 5000pa Suction Power.Equipped with 2 layers of HEPA filter, High Efficiency Particulate Air (U.S. DOE), this kind of Air filters can remove dust and dirt in a large proportion and clean places that are difficult to reach using a regular vacuum cleaner.
170.00 SAR
Outdoor Decor

Portable Rechargeable Magnetic Wall Light (Model-A)

110.00 SAR
Outdoor Decor

Portable Rechargeable Magnetic Wall Light (Model-B)

120.00 SAR